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Management Of Neck Pain

The neck consists of the cervical bones (vertebrae) which as in the lower back are cushioned by the intervertebral disks. The neck is the most mobile part of the spine, and as such is exposed to more daily stress and is more susceptible to injury. Painful ailments may be brought on from abnormal posture, muscular tension and stress, repetitive activity and accidents. Neck pain can be associated with headaches, and pain which radiates through your arms and hands.

Etiology of Neck Pain
Muscle strains and ligament sprains are one of the most common causes of neck pain. However more significant and chronic conditions involve disk herniations which may have associated nerve impingement. Facet joint inflammation is also a very significant cause of neck pain and associated headaches.

Diagnosing Your Neck Pain
Dr. Todd Koppel’s has vast knowledge and experience and in diagnosing and treating conditions of the cervical spine. The smaller size of the spine and its specific dynamics can make smaller abnormalities into more pronounced conditions. Only with utilizing a combination of complete examination, MRI and EMG testing, and selective interventions as diagnostic tools can the etiology of the condition be determined.

Treating Neck Pain
Interventional therapy may be necessary if the condition has not responded to conservative treatments, has become more constant, or is continuing to affect ones quality of life. Treatment of the neck requires a great deal of finesse, given the vast structures which exist and which are in close proximity to important nerves and arteries. Therefore, experience and training are paramount.

Less is more when it comes to treatment of painful conditions of the neck. Todd Koppel, MD has performed thousands of minimally invasive treatments of the cervical spine. These include:

  • Epidural Steroid Injections

  • Facet Joint Injections

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Stem Cell Graft

  • Prolotherapy

  • And More

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